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“Show me your friends and tastes, and I’ll tell you who you are! Nancy Valentine attracts great musicians. As for her tastes, her choices are Strayhornesque! Nancy, is one of a kind!”

Ray Carman – President – The Duke Ellington Society, (TDES) , New York Chapter


“A long time ago, I met Nancy Valentine who was just an up-and-coming singer. I encouraged her to check out jazz singing as an artistic option and wow, did she ever follow through! This compilation of Billy Strayhorn compositions is a brilliant choice and she does them so well. And she was very smart to be backed by the “who’s who” of jazz players in New York, i.e., Dick Oatts, Harry Allen, Tamir Hendelman, Joe Magnarelli, Warren Vache, etc., etc. What a great bunch of players!! Congrats, Nancy, and thank you for “following through”!

Bobby Shew – Jazz Trumpeter


“Nancy is a true Strayhorn aficionado. In all my years in the music business. I know of no one more dedicated to trying to get it right!”

Don Sickler – Trumpeter, Arranger, Producer, Publisher


"Nancy Valentine is a consummate professional with a unique approach in her delivery of lyrics. She is also fun to work with and her singing encompasses perfection and warmth!"

Jim Czak - Owner/Engineer - Nola Recording Studios, NYC


"A memorable singer poised to make an important impact on the music scene!"

Scott Yanow - Jazz Journalist/Historian and Author of "The Jazz Singer"


"Billy Strayhorn deserves having his music performed with respect and empathy - Nancy Valentine delivers exactly that!"

Joe Lang - Jersey Jazz


"At long last Nancy Valentine has committed her talent and fine, port-wine voice to permanence. Lovesome showcases her comprehensive musicality, with A-list musicians and great new arrangements."

Marilyn Lester - Cabaret Scenes


"This wonderful debut recording featuring Nancy Valentine, one of our best jazz vocalists, together with a stellar group of outstanding jazz musicians, in their own right, will do much to bring about a greater awareness of Strayhorn's gifts through the many beautiful arrangements by pianist, John di Martino, who, like Valentine, seems to understand the very essence and sheer brilliance of Billy Strayhorn's compositions!"

Jack Kleinsinger - Highlights In Jazz

"Nancy Valentine digs deeper into the Billy Strayhorn legacy -- beyond "Lush Life" and " 'A' Train' " -- with a heartfelt "LOVESOME" CD that pays compassionate tribute to Duke Ellington's soulful writing partner.  A gem! "

Elliott Ames - Host & Critic - The Golden Apple Cabaret Hour - WVOX AM 1460 & WVOX.COM  (Worldwide)


"I've been waiting for an album like this for 20 years. In 1997, David Hajdu's bio of Billy Strayhorn titled "LUSH LIFE" inspired me to produce an 8-hour tribute to the artistry of this musical genius. And now, two decades later, we have this new album of Strayhorn songs by a young, talented and inventive singer! Thank you Nancy Valentine!!! "

David Kenney – Host – Everything Old Is New Again – WBAI 99.5 FM


“Several years in the making, Nancy has created a riveting and soulful tribute to one of our most iconic creators of classic American song - Billy Strayhorn."

Russ Kassoff – Host - The Jazz Deli - WFDUHD2


"Thanks to Nancy for her tribute to the genius of Billy Strayhorn. Happy to add the cuts on "Lovesome" to our Pure Jazz Radio playlist."

Rich Keith Creator of Pure Jazz Radio www.purejazzradio.com


"Nancy has a pristine voice and a very lovely and inviting sound. An exquisite album."

Nancy Ann Barell – Host - Jazz Spotlight On Sinatra www.purejazzradio.com


"Strayhorn’s music can be sly, subtle, heartbreaking, ironic, or swinging, but always emotionally honest. Nancy Valentine has every note and nuance covered, heart and soul."

H. William Stine – Host - Turntable For One, WMNR Fine Arts Radio


"Nancy Valentine's interpretations of Strayhorn's tunes are just fabulous."

Grace Black – Host -The Jazz Lounge – K107.FM Scotland, UK


"Nancy Valentine's interpretation of these Timeless Strayhorn Classics literally gives me goosebumps! She sings with so much soul and feeling you imagine the songs were written exclusively for her."

Dave Darlington - Owner/Engineer - Bass Hit Recording, NYC


"Nancy has a vision of how a song is supposed to go and she makes it happen that way.....it comes out that way! The only other singer that does that is Annie Ross. No singer sings like that anymore. No singer sings like that today.....perfectionist!"

Warren Vache - Jazz Cornetist, Educator


"Nancy Valentine's sumptuous voice is THE perfect garment for Billy Strayhorn's melodies!"

John di Martino - Composer, Arranger, Jazz Pianist


"Nancy Valentine sings Strayhorn with a depth of feeling which the music demands! She shades his melodies with multicolored blues and tells their stories with subtle, lyrical honesty inviting you into the music. This is a special one!"

Tamir Hendelman - Jazz Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Educator


"It's rare to meet such a combination of a voice this beautiful with a person behind it so disciplined and passionate. She's the Real Thing!"

Boris Kozlov - Jazz Bassist, Mingus Big Band, Mingus Dynasty